Wise Colin’s review of “Finding Nemo”.

George suggests I should broaden my cultural interests. He suggested I have a go as a film reviewer, specialising in fish movies. He thinks I might have an af-fin-ity*.

So here goes. My first review: “Finding Nemo.”

Summary: A soggy tail*about a fish.

Verdict: Look, Loser Species, I’ll keep this brief. Wake up to yourselves. It’s a hopeless movie. Nemo’s not real, he’s just a drawing! I’m giving it 1 fin

Next time: “JAWS!”

*Hey, did you notice the fish jokes?

PS: George just read my review and said he thought it was a little harsh. (I told him to keep his opinions to himself.) Anyway, he did explain to me that some of you homo sapiens like this kind of thing – you know, moving drawings. I think he called them cartoons. So, next time – as a reward, dear reader – I thinking of including an animated gif!


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