Movie Review – “Jaws!”

As promised Colin’s review of “JAWS!”:

Summary: A rollicking comedy about humans too dumb to stay out of the water.

Verdict: Yes, yes, this movie is a little ripper, I had quite a chuckle. Look, I know that you (homo sapiens) may be a little upset by my reaction to this film, that you might consider it a little insensitive to enjoy people being eaten, but look at it from a fish’s point of view. How many of us fish have YOU humans eaten? Yes, you’ve got my point. Quite a few. So, don’t complain. To fish everywhere the shark in JAWS! is a hero – our Che Guevara!

I’m giving this movie 5 fins!


(PS: I’m thinking of getting a discrete, tasteful, little tattoo of the shark from “Jaws!” – probably somewhere down near my tail.)


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