The Zen of Street Signs 1

Sometimes George takes me on excursions and has made me a special tank for such occasions.

The other day we went on a trip to the city. It was fintastic (fish joke) – the buildings and that. But most of all I enjoyed the street signs.

What great inventions they are! I have to hand it you homo sapiens (that is if I had hands) you’ve done yourselves proud. These street signs are so zen!

Take the sign that says “Give Way”. Yes, I agree – give way, go with the flow, chill out, don’t oppose, bend but don’t break. A work of genius, that one!

“Stop” I found a little authoritarian and a bit vague. Stop what? Stop war?

There was one sign that did cause me a little offence. And, as you know, I hate to be critical of you, loser species. BUT this sign said “GO BACK WRONG WAY!” Now what are we to make of that? Especially the blunt, negative tone. Look, I always find that a positive, polite approach gets more out of people. In the spirit of constructive criticism I make the following suggestions for the sign – “Is this your best option?” or “Perhaps you should reconsider your direction.” See, a lot better.

Zen Power: a really classy street sign (well done, homo sapiens)

Zen Power: a really classy street sign (well done, homo sapiens)


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