Meditation on the Ages of Man

Cheer up, humans - 40 is the new 30

Colin is perplexed (a rare event). I’ve been meditating on this Zen sign for some time and I’m still confused. What does it signify – all this pedestrian activity? Is it about the ages of man? They are young, they mature, they get old. But what about the “high” bit? (Perhaps they are on drugs?) And what about the ominous number forty?

I now recall George (my fish-whisperer human friend) telling me that sometimes you, humanity (aka loser species), suffer depression on reaching forty.

So that’s it! This sign is warning of an approaching mid-life crisis!

Never fear, homo sapiens, in the interest of human mental health, Colin has an answer to this great, modern existential problem. When George had his mid-life crisis he told me that he cheered himself up by telling himself that forty is really the new thirty. So, if you want to make yourself happy, just delude yourself by subtracting 10 from your current age. For example, thirty becomes the new twenty, twenty becomes the new ten, ten becomes the new zero and so on.

There – I bet you feel better already.


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