Joke Duel

The following duel is a result of negative comments allegedly made by me, Wise Colin, regarding the feeble-mindedness of goldfish.

Let me set the scene.

Dawn. A deserted park. Mist slowly clears. Two small aquariums sit on a table.

Colin, seconded by his trusty fish-whisperer and human companion George gets ready for the challenge. Whilst nearby, goldfish Alistair and his human goldfish-fancier Lance, also prepare.

The time for the duel approaches. Grim-faced, the seconds meet. They toss a coin to see who will go first.

Colin wins. Each fish is allowed one joke only.

Colin tells his joke.

Comedian Colin tells his joke

Colin tells his hiliarious joke

Now it is Alistair’s turn.

Alister goldfish tells his joke

The pathetic attempt of Alistair, the world's best and brightest goldfish to tell a joke. Note Lance is prompting him. Tut, tut.

VERDICT: I think I’ll let you be the judge.

The Seconds

In Colin's corner - photogenically challenged fish-whisperer, George

In Alistair's corner - goldfish fancier, handler and mentor, Lance


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