Unhappy Humans as International Year of Niceness to Humans is terminated

Human happiness has plummeted after Siamese fighting fish Wise Colin’s announced his cancellation of the International Year of Niceness to Humans.

Wise Colin, also a Zen Master (specialising in street signs), said recently, “I took the decision (to cancel) most reluctantly. I had dedicated ten dots points to the event. Those ten points – ten positive positive statements about humanity – were impossible to fill. I could not think of one.”

“The effect on my health caused by the campaign was awful,” he said. “My vet almost fainted when he took my pulse. And I do wish he would use a smaller stethoscope – it almost crushed me. And that thermometer he put you know where. Where else has it been? I know he treats cats and dogs. I don’t want some kind of cross-species infection.”

Wise Colin reports that he is feeling better now.

“Yes, I feel relieved,” he said. “Now I can get back to doing something really useful. There are so many more street signs yet to explore.”


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