Dolphin Moko first RDS casualty?

Renown intrepid New Zealand correspondent Trevor the Trout and Colin exchange greetings. Here Trevor is on his way in search of another in-depth story.

Trevor the Trout my New Zealand correspondent has advised me of the case of Moko, a kiwi dolphin*, who has become aggressive towards humans by tipping over their kayaks, interrupting their water skiing and preventing them from getting out of the water.

Now, is it just coincidence or something more profound that around the time of this report it had been my melancholic presidential duty to reject dolphin from the Wise Colin Fish Hall of fame?**

In other words is Moko the first casualty of Rejected Dolphin Syndrome (RDS)?

There is another theory of course. It has been suggested by some that he is trying to mate with humans. Yuk! Let’s not go there.

We can only hope that Moko recovers or finds another hobby like seaweed macramé.

*Kiwi dolphin – strange combo, that one – a flightless bird and a mammal who thinks it’s a fish.
**Wise Colin is President of the Wise Colin Fish Hall of Fame.


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