The toy boy and the cougar

Words like “cougar” can hurt. I myself have been referred to as a “toy boy ” just because I am “in relationship” with someone older. I think such terms should be abolished. Maybe instead of “toy boy” the expression should be a more politically correct “equal/perhaps not so equal participating partner in a meaningful/not so meaningful relationship” or “E/NSEPPINAM/NSMR” for short.

As an E/NSEPPINAM/NSMR, I feel hurt by all the recent TV shows and articles about cougars and such. After all a cougar is just a big pussy (cat, I mean!) and they are not always predatory – sometimes they just want to cuddle.

Regards Wise Colin (aka E/NSEPPINAM/NSMR)

Toy Boy Wise Colin

Cougar Mrs Robinstone


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