Seahorse gene for humans

In my capacity as adviser to humanity I ask the following question: why should female humans bear the burden of child rearing? What about homo sapiens men?

Ladies, you’re letting males off too easily. They should be doing more to care for the kids.

Of course I blame your genes coded as they are with a few bad decisions regarding division of labour.

Fortunately, you have the example of the seahorse to inspire you. The seahorse dad is a mum. And whilst this only covers the birth period, at least you will be unburdened of that labour (forgive the pun).

Yes, with advances in genetic engineering humans should be able to locate and transport that seahorse DNA into your species. Then, with a little further tweaking, the caring period of youngsters could be extended – say up to adolescence, if scientists really work on it.

Soon men will have genetically designed brood pouches into which the youngsters will scramble to be carried off to school, or bundled into when they throw a tantrum in the supermarket!

And with dad’s new pouch, mums can do what they like.

Yes, I feel the dawning of a new era.

Soon ladies, your man could look like this. (An improvement, did I hear you collectively say?)


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