Mullet run or bad hair day

Whilst out looking for street signs of Zen relevance in my purpose built aquarium, accompanied by George, my fish-whispering human, I  happened upon a mullet run.

What is a mullet run I hear you ask?  No – it’s not a swarm of men with badly cut hair pursued by outraged hair-stylists. But a mullet run is a bad hair day for fish.

In the movie below, taken by George, a large school of mullet gather in a seething dark patch of concentrated fish bodies, layers deep. The water seems to boil as they jam together to make one giant organism coursing its way along the river. Occasionally one fish leaps from the mass to assert its individuality and to say hello to me in my tank. Soon, however, a predator arrives. A shark attacks the mullet school from below the surface and the school divides into two, each panicked half swimming in opposite directions to escape.

Later more predators arrive, particularly the two legged kind, some sporting mullet hair-cuts. Mullet on mullet. Yes, a bad hair day all round.

Hmm, I’ve been thinking, life in an aquarium is not so bad.


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