Stop boasting, homo sapiens!

Fifty Shades of Grey!

Anything humans can do, fish can do better. For example, kinky sexual habits…

Take the groper. (Yes, I know the word is full of innuendo but try to stay focused.)

The Eastern Blue Groper (found around Sydney – just down from Oxford Street) is born female and brown, but when the whim takes it, it can change into a fetching blue male. How’s that for versatility? Not just a change of positions, a change of organs! And as for colour, well we’re just not talking grey.

Other fish too are pretty kinky. Don’t get me started on seahorses. And as to leatherjacket – well, their name really gives them away – what they don’t know about bondage.

So there humans, stop all this carry on about your little sexual fetishes. You’re amateurs in the field.

PS. What’s all this talk I hear about vanilla these days? Look humans, if you’re going to confuse ice creams with sex, you’ll never get anywhere.


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