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Alien signs

Dear homo sapiens,

Are you blind? Do you not see? The signs are all about, but you ignore them.

UFOs are here! They are stalking us. They are abducting your fellows.

End your denial now. Colin brings you proof. Colin will opens your eyes.

Look at this sign. This is no doubt how YOU see it – an innocent indication that you are approaching a hump in the road. But no!

Deluded view

Deluded view

Here is how COLIN sees it!

Wake up humans!

Wake up humans!

Convinced? I thought so.


Aliens abduct commuters on way to work

I spy with my little eye something beginning with “a”.

Everyday you naive, unsuspecting humans commute to work only to be abducted on your way.

Yes, homo sapiens types, it’s happened again – aliens at work. While out with George, in my specially built aquarium, I spied the following sign.

Now I know this is how it appears to you, you innocent (cretinous) creatures.

Gullible view

But this is how Wise Colin sees it.

Devious aliens

Humans, it’s time you pulled your weight. Must Colin be the only one who sees the dangers?

Please, please open your eyes before it is too late!

Crime Scene


Jane and John Doe

Night. A lonely stretch of road. Street sign Jane and John Doe drive through the darkness. Suddenly…we have a crime scene.

Visit the crime scene and join super sleuth Wise Colin as applies his superior fish intelligence to this most puzzling case.

Click here for Crime Scene

More more proof

I know I am overwhelmingly convincing. But if further proof is needed consider this old and cunning alien trick to gather and abduct humans.

A typical alien trick

A typical alien trick

This is not a real school. It’s just the word ‘school’ attached to a telegraph pole.

But don’t worry. It’s never going to work. Most modern earthling children can’t read whole words.


More proof

Here homo sapiens. What do you make of this? Surely you’re waking up by now.


Where’s the rider, huh?


Aliens strike again.

Ominous warning

Another tragic close encounter

This is an ominous warning. Grieving relatives have attached this sign to a telegraph pole in memory of the departed.

What happened? Yep, you guessed it – sucked up by a UFO whilst out doubling on their bike.

Let that be a warning. Stay at home.

Snail update – the code is broken!

Colin the code breaker has done it!

Yes, folks, hours of observation have finally paid off. Patterns have emerged – an alphabet of meaning is unfolding. Yes, as I suspected, the subtle, undulating movements of the snail’s waving antennae are signals to a mother ship!

And what messages is the snail sending? Well, so far I’ve have deciphered just a few words – words such as “invasion” and “exterminate”.

But don’t PANIC! Wise Colin is on the case.

PS: I’m on the look out for signs!