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Happy Birthday, Mr President!


Wise Colin, illustrious President of Wise Colin’s Fish Hall of Fame, celebrates his birthday.

Below fish-girl of his dreams, sexy blonde bombshell Marilyn Angelfish sings him “Happy Birthday”.

Marilyn Angelfish sings President Wise Colin a husky, seductive rendition of 'Happy Birthday'.

If only other presidents were so lucky.


How to train a goldfish – hypnotism 101

George (the fish-whisperer) and Siamese fighting fish Colin spy on Lance and Alistair, who secreted away in a training camp, prepare for a facts duel.

Here trainer Lance attempts to hypnotise Alistair, the world’s brightest goldfish, into becoming a genius.

Some people just can't take a joke.

Shakespeare comes through

Something very weird happened last night. A strange entity appeared and began transmitting his thoughts to me though George, my human fish-whisperer and trance medium.

And who was this strange entity I hear you collectively ask?

Why none other than the ghost of William Shakespeare himself. (Yes, this blog has attracted attention even in the afterlife!)

Now I must admit to being a little concerned. Shakespeare (aka the Bard) was not how I had imagined him. He seemed worried and very nervous. It appears he had heard how I had demolished that other departed human genius, Einstein and was anxious that now it might be his turn. He begged me to go easy on him.

Of course I assured him that he had nothing to fear since he is a great giant of literature and I am but a humble Siamese fighting fish (although a Zen Master of Street Signs).

He seemed relieved and said “adieu”*.

Unearthly apparition - this blog is haunted by the ghost of Shakespeare.

*”Adieu” – why couldn’t he just have said good-bye, like a normal person. Nobody likes a wanker, Shakespeare.

Hmm, maybe this guy’s got something to hide?

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Country matters

Wise Colin has discovered his talent for sign whispering. Here he demonstrates his ability with a sign he and George found on a recent sojourn into the countryside. He overhears a kangaroo and a wombat argue over their positions.

Country matters - fauna argue over positions.

Moby Dick

Yet another reason (if one were needed) to ban goldfish from any outlet serving alcohol.

Take this typical exchange between a bartender (aka Wise Colin) and a goldfish.

Alistair, the worlds brightest goldfish, orders a cocktail.

I say, throw the bum out!

Alien signs

Dear homo sapiens,

Are you blind? Do you not see? The signs are all about, but you ignore them.

UFOs are here! They are stalking us. They are abducting your fellows.

End your denial now. Colin brings you proof. Colin will opens your eyes.

Look at this sign. This is no doubt how YOU see it – an innocent indication that you are approaching a hump in the road. But no!

Deluded view

Deluded view

Here is how COLIN sees it!

Wake up humans!

Wake up humans!

Convinced? I thought so.

Popular Colin

Has fame gone to Colin’s head?


See how Colin handles his growing celebrity. What masterful disdain!

Colin surrounded by adoring fans