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New species of clown fish discovered

Wise Colin attends a clown workshop.

Wise Colin hopes to star in any re-make of Finding Nemo.


Happy Birthday, Mr President!


Wise Colin, illustrious President of Wise Colin’s Fish Hall of Fame, celebrates his birthday.

Below fish-girl of his dreams, sexy blonde bombshell Marilyn Angelfish sings him “Happy Birthday”.

Marilyn Angelfish sings President Wise Colin a husky, seductive rendition of 'Happy Birthday'.

If only other presidents were so lucky.

Lone Ranger Fish

Who is that masked fish?  Why it’s the Lone Ranger fish!

Incognito fish stalks underwater prairie after watching too many 1950s TV re-runs.

(Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but it’s actually Wise Colin heavily in disguise.)

How to handle a difficult goldfish customer

Some customers can be hard to please. Here Wise Colin, bartender extraordinaire, uses his Zen skills of patience and tolerance in engaging with a difficult goldfish customer. Others would have resorted to violence.

Cougar girls night out

If you’re a male, read no further. This post is not for your eyes.

This is an account of a cougar ladies night out hosted by fish fossil Mrs Robinstone and some of her fish friends at a sleazy aquarium cocktail club.

Below she regales them with references from her life in the Earth’s tertiary period.

Cruel Colin and the O word

The course of true love seldom runs smoothly.

Below Wise Colin and Mrs Robinstone (aka the Cougar) discuss their relationship.

Emo Despair and Nipple Rings

Alistair (aka the world’s brightest goldfish) makes a new angst-ridden friend. Errol the (Despairing) Emo enjoys a good despair. Today’s subject for despair is nipple rings.

Errol the Emo despairs over nipple-ring infection or something.