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Errol the Emo does Hamlet

Shh, rehearsal in progress!

Preparation is under way for the first exciting production of Shakespeare’s new theatre company of hypnotised goldfish, the Aquarium Players.

Please sit down quietly and the enjoy the awesome privilege of witnessing the Bard himself directing Errol the Emo in the role of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.


Actors prepare – Shakespeare and his Goldfish Players

You’ve heard of The Globe, now here’s The Aquarium.

After many long, long hours of training, Lance (goldfish fancier, trainer and hypnotist) has finished his task of hypnotising Shakespeare’s new goldfish company into remembering the Bard’s complete works.

Below the ghost of Shakespeare attempts to rehearse a play.

For the Shakespeare-challenged humans amongst you the play references from left to right are: Richard III, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth and Othello.

Shakespeare and the goldfish company

Exciting news!

The Ghost of Shakespeare, having been unemployed for a few hundred years has decided to start up a new theatre company of inexperienced actors.  His thespians, a tank of goldfish, form the basis of his new company known as the Aquarium Players.

Joining the enterprise is Lance, a goldfish fancier and trainer. Lance, having demonstrated his remarkable abilities at hypnotising Alistair, the world’s brightest goldfish into remembering an entire encyclopaedia, has taken on the task of imprinting the complete works of the Bard into the minds of the goldfish cast.

Is he up to the task? Lance recently finished an advanced course in hypnosis – Hypnotism 102.

When interviewed about his choice of goldfish as his performers, Shakespeare said, “I liketh a challenge.”

The Ghost of Shakespeare comes out of retirement – “I liketh a challenge.”

We eagerly await the results of this daring experiment, so watch this space. I’ve added a few dots points to make the space a little more interesting.

Justice for Prithee the Rat!

I’m upset, very upset.

George, my fish whisperer human companion, informs me that yet another “Shakespeare” play has emerged. “Double Falsehood” is its name.

Now, as Shakespeare’s ghost has revealed in The Wise Colin Show, Prithee the Rat was the Bard’s unrecognised muse/collaborator/co-author. Is this new play yet another example of where poor Prithee gets ripped off?

Take the vote! Make your voice heard. Justice to Prithee the Rat!

Regards, Wise Colin

Shakespeare Exculsive Bard Bares Breast


Just how many tabloid headlines do you want?

OK, homo sapiens, it’s been centuries and YOU have failed.

But a FISH has got the scoop!

In an exclusive interview with TV host and superstar, Wise Colin, the ghost of Shakespeare discloses the shocking truth.

Click here to learn Shakespeare’s DARKEST secret on THE WISE COLIN SHOW.

Bard buckles under pressure

Shakespeare buckles under Wise Colin's relentless pressure.

Exciting news!

The ghost of Shakespeare will tell all.

After their first bruising encounter The Bard was left unnerved. Now Wise Colin has forced The Bard into TOTAL surrender.

Soon you will know the unequivocal answer to the burning question that has been plaguing scholars of Shakespeare for so long.

Was Shakespeare the sole author of his plays?

Coming soon.

Shakespeare hoisted by fish’s petard

Wise Colin confronts the ghost of Shakespeare in a séance. George, the fish-whisperer and medium (a newly discovered talent), channels Shakespeare and Colin in a close encounter of an unpleasant kind.

Fish baits Bard. Wise Colin performs a forensic interrogation of Shakespeare's ghost.

George says we shouldn’t judge Shakespeare’s ghost too harshly, that he was simply unnerved talking to a fish. I say, cross-species communication is the way of the future. Get with the program, Bard.