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Fish oil – the untold story

What’s going on here? Why are you humans so obsessed with us fish? You catch us, you eat us, some of you actually kiss us before throwing us back. (Yuk! Where have your lips been?)

I can only conclude it is Omega 3 envy. Yes, in your heart of hearts you know that we fish are better than you. You eat us in the vain hope that our smarty pants oils will help you grow a brain.

Listen humans (aka loser species), end this fatal attraction now before there is NOTHING left.


Country matters

Wise Colin has discovered his talent for sign whispering. Here he demonstrates his ability with a sign he and George found on a recent sojourn into the countryside. He overhears a kangaroo and a wombat argue over their positions.

Country matters - fauna argue over positions.

Aliens – you can run but you can’t hide

This whispering stuff is easy. Yes, homo sapiens, Wise Colin has learnt street sign whispering. Here I channel a street sign showing a couple in great distress.

Couple seek refuge from alien invasion.

Fascist road signs!

NO, no, no, no, no, no, no! Plus one more NO because I am so cross.

Humans, this is just not good enough!

You know I hate to be critical of YOU (again), but just look at these fascist road signs. What do you see? What thing do they all have in common?

Yes – that’s right. Well spotted! They all end in “ING”.

What conformity, what slavish obedience to the rules of the English language! Just typical of your species.

See how a fish handles it. Try these – Zen Master Wise Colin’s liberated examples:

OK, it mightn’t be good English, but it focuses the mind.

Scene of the Crime

A dastardly deed.

Night. A lonely stretch of road. Street sign Jane and John Doe drive through the darkness. Suddenly…we have a crime scene.

Visit the crime scene and join super sleuth Wise Colin as applies his superior fish intelligence to this most puzzling case.

Click here for Crime Scene

Alien signs

Dear homo sapiens,

Are you blind? Do you not see? The signs are all about, but you ignore them.

UFOs are here! They are stalking us. They are abducting your fellows.

End your denial now. Colin brings you proof. Colin will opens your eyes.

Look at this sign. This is no doubt how YOU see it – an innocent indication that you are approaching a hump in the road. But no!

Deluded view

Deluded view

Here is how COLIN sees it!

Wake up humans!

Wake up humans!

Convinced? I thought so.

Zen Master at work

Just when I thought you were doing so well. While out with George (in my purpose built aquarium) I found this Zen street sign.


Who is responsible? Some kind of manic depressive?

The hopelessness of the situation. Around and around.

No, homo sapiens – there is hope! Life is full of possibilities!

Wise Collin has provided a new revised sign.