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Stop boasting, homo sapiens!

Fifty Shades of Grey!

Anything humans can do, fish can do better. For example, kinky sexual habits…

Take the groper. (Yes, I know the word is full of innuendo but try to stay focused.)

The Eastern Blue Groper (found around Sydney – just down from Oxford Street) is born female and brown, but when the whim takes it, it can change into a fetching blue male. How’s that for versatility? Not just a change of positions, a change of organs! And as for colour, well we’re just not talking grey.

Other fish too are pretty kinky. Don’t get me started on seahorses. And as to leatherjacket – well, their name really gives them away – what they don’t know about bondage.

So there humans, stop all this carry on about your little sexual fetishes. You’re amateurs in the field.

PS. What’s all this talk I hear about vanilla these days? Look humans, if you’re going to confuse ice creams with sex, you’ll never get anywhere.


Wise Colin’s Wet Dream

OK, OK, don’t get excited! Mention the word “wet” to you humans and you go all strange.

Of course all my dreams are wet. I’m a fish – I live in WATER! 

Just for that – I’m not going to tell you my dream. And it was REALLY interesting. 

Water, water everywhere.

Water, water everywhere.

Bubble Wisdom

Alistair, the world’s brightest goldfish has a party while his owner Lance is away.

Note their party animal behaviour and bad spelling.

Wise Colin wasn’t invited.

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Elvis lives!

Yes, Elvis lives!

No, not that Elvis. You humans are so ego-centric. This is the true Elvis – a fish, of course.

Vale Moko

Vale Moko.

Wise Colin