The Wise Colin Show

There is eager anticipation for the guest appearance of the ghost of Shakespeare (aka The Bard) who will give TV host and super-star Wise Colin a world exclusive regarding the true authorship of his plays.

Below we see the final touches as Shakespeare attends make-up. Note the dreadful, unsightly condition of Shakespeare’s skin brought about by the tension of the occasion and and his anxious disposition. This will be a challenge to any make-up artist, but off course The Wise Colin Show only employs the best.


Unfortunately the show’s regular make-up artist was unavailable due to an aversion with working with ghosts and an emergency substitute had to be found. Fortunately, Alistair, the world’s brightest goldfish and work experience make-up artist, steps up to the mark. What he may lack in experience he makes up with by enthusiasm.

This is the BEFORE shot.

Alistair works diligently and many hours later…

The after shot. Creative Alistair provides Shakespeare with an innovative goldfish complexion.

Reconciled at last – co-authors Shakespeare and Prithee the Rat.